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Gerber Technology is a large global company that creates hardware and software systems used by a wide variety of industries (operating in 130 countries with 80,000 corporate customers including 100 of the Fortune 500).

They needed a strong positioning and a way to unite their various business sectors under one umbrella.

We created everything from a new tagline to a complete redesign of their complex, multi-language website ( and everything in-between including new marks and logo lock-ups, print, trade show exhibits, video, 3D video, direct mail and more.

Below are some examples of trade print and a low-budget :90 corporate video that was created for corporate investors and tradeshow use introducing their new name and new positioning.

Prior to the re-brand, the client needed a theme and a video for their upcoming product launch and trade show for their largest industry: fashion and apparel. It showcases Gerber's new 3D software that helps their target -- designers -- unleash their vision. We also produced an award-winning direct-mail piece which included one of the first uses of Google 3D along with a 3D :30 video that we shot on the streets and in the subways of New York.

Here's what our client had to say.

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