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Dan Renaud

Writer. Producer. Creative Director.



One of the best copy architects i’ve ever worked with.         


                    John Kwoka

                    Creative Director



Dan's our go-to writer.  We've worked with him for years.

He always delivers work that's on strategy and on brand.

                    Jennifer Larkin

                    Born, Lexington




Dan’s an idea machine.

He’s a writer who understands people and why they buy things.

He uses that insight to propel brands to new heights.

If you need an advertising problem solved, get him a pizza and a cot

and let him do his thing.

                    Troy Hayes

                    Creative Director

                    Engine29, Miami



He is ridiculously passionate about every aspect of every project.

Very few creative people I know have as many skills as Dan.

He can create, write, cast, shoot, edit, talk music.  

He's always thought ahead of the curve and out of the box.

Smart guy.

                    Greg Allan

                    Sonixphere, Chicago/LA

                    Creative Director/President





                    Wes Edwards

                    Strange Arcade, Nashville

                    Award-winning Director


                    James Rush

                    Senior VP/ Account Director

                    Thread, Toledo/Columbus



chicago-born and trained  --  schooled by Jesuits and comedians  --  mr. renaud is an award-winning writer-producer-creative director who has worked with some of the biggest and some of the smallest brands on the planet.  Spending most of his career in Chicago, LA, Miami, Nashville and Lexington, mr. renaud is able to work within any budget scenario.

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